Volume No. :   3

Issue No. :  4

Year :  2011

ISSN Print :  0975-4393

ISSN Online :  2349-2988


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Studies on the Fungi in Seasonally Inundated Sediment Habitat along South East Coast of India

Address:   Madhanraj P.1*, Manorajan S.2, Nadimuthu N.3 and Panneerselvam A.4
1Dept of Microbiology, Thanthai Hans Roever College of Arts and Science, Perambalur - 621 212, Tamil Nadu, India.
2Biology Education Centre, Uppsala University, SE-752 36 Uppsala, Sweden
3Dept. of Plant science, Avvaiyar Govt. College for Women, Karaikal –609 602, Pondicherry U.T., India
4Dept. of Botany and Microbiology, A.V.V.M. Sri Pushpam College (Autonomous), Poondi-613 503, Thanjavur (Dt.), Tamilnadu, India
*Corresponding Author:

In seasonally inundated sediments of Manianthivu of Nagapattinam district, southeast coast of India, a total number of 24 species belonged to 5 genera were recorded. They were assignable to Phycomycete (1 species) and Deuteromycetes (23 species). They exhibited spatio-temporal changes. The genus Aspergillus was constituted by the maximum of 19 species followed by Trichoderma (2 species). All other genera (Absidia, Botrytis and Fusarium) were represented by one species each. The soil characteristics such as pH (8.1 to 8.9), electrical conductivity (0.11 to 1.28 dSm-1), cation exchange capacity (8.01 to 9.5 c.mol proton+/kg), organic carbon (0.05 to 0.18%), available nitrogen (0.012 to 0.018%), available phosphorus (0.002 to 0.005%), available potassium (0.013 to 0.047 ppm), available zinc (0.39 to 0.57 ppm), available iron (2.12 to 2.83 ppm), available copper (0.19 to 0.31 ppm), available manganese (1.41 to 1.52 ppm), calcium (3.2 to 5.2 mg/kg), magnesium(3.2 to 3.9 mg/kg), sodium (0.52 to 1.22 mg/kg) and potassium (0.02 to 0.07 mg/kg) were also showed variation during different seasons. The investigation was carried out by collections and examination of sediment samples during January 2007 – December 2008, at seasonal intervals.
Fungi, soil characteristics, inundated sediment.
Madhanraj P, Manorajan S, Nadimuthu N, Panneerselvam A.. Studies on the Fungi in Seasonally Inundated Sediment Habitat along South East Coast of India. Research J. Science and Tech. 2011; 3(4): 175-179.
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