Volume No. :   5

Issue No. :  3

Year :  2013

ISSN Print :  0975-4393

ISSN Online :  2349-2988


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Simulation Model of OFDM with Security Algorithm for Estimation of BER and SNR

Address:   Mr. Rahul Gedam1, Ms. Sanskriti Sharma 2
1Chouksey Engineering College, Bilaspur
2Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Professional Management & Technology, Raipur
*Corresponding Author

Mathematically, the word orthogonal means 900 phase shift. Using the principle of orthogonality we are indulging the range of communication with security algorithms. The research on wireless system is to improve the reliability and performance of wireless radio links. The effects of (multi-path) radio propagation, modulation, and coding and signal processing techniques on the spectrum efficiency and performance of wireless radio networks have to be studied, in particular Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) and related transmission methods .But the multimedia information is not secured in the wireless environment compared to that of wired environment. In this paper, we have carried out a new method of cryptographic algorithm over a future generation (4G and above) wireless system called the OFDM (FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) / IFFT (Inverse FFT)) technique using Walsh Hadamard spreading codes. We have done the simulation in MATLAB programming and the BER (Bit Error Rate) vs. SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) performance is studied for multimedia signals (such as text, audio and image) in an AWGN wireless channel. We have also developed an algorithm for generating the Walsh codes and the RSA secret keys. We found the results of our simulation are very much satisfactory for practical implementation in wireless systems. In this project is to demonstrate the concept and feasibility of an OFDM system, and investigate how its performance is changed by varying some of its major parameters. This objective is met by developing a MATLAB program to simulate a basic OFDM system. From the process of this development, the mechanism of an OFDM system can be studied; and with a completed MATLAB program, the OFDM Basics.
Multimedia, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing, RSA, Shift Ciphering, Substitution cipher, Walsh Hadamard.
Rahul Gedam, Sanskriti Sharma . Simulation Model of OFDM with Security Algorithm for Estimation of BER and SNR. Research J. Science and Tech 5(3): July- Sept., 2013 page 323-326.
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