Volume No. :   9

Issue No. :  3

Year :  2017

ISSN Print :  0975-4393

ISSN Online :  2349-2988


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Use of Goal Programming Approach for Allocation of Teachers for Paper Correction

Address:   Neeta Jain1*, Dr. Sanjay Jain2
1Research Scholar, Ph.D Student, Pacific University, Udaipur, 313001
2Department of Mathematical Science, S.P.C Government College, Ajmer, 305001
*corresponding Author
DOI No: 10.5958/2349-2988.2017.00082.1

Decision making about resource allocation is a problem that we face every day, resource allocation is a multi-criteria decision making problem and goal programming is a common technique for solving resource allocation problems with multiple objectives. One of the most difficult decision in conducting examination is preparation of timetable and completing paper correction timely so that the results can be declared within the stipulated time. The determination of the optimum allocation of teachers becomes difficult, because of the multiplicity of factors, complex relationship among the factors like various programmes, course, availability of teachers, Availability of computers for online correction, Availability of answer sheets, Technical system and support etc. is often beyond the ability to identify the optimum allocation alternative. Thus it has become important to understand the capabilities and applications of the various quantitative or management science techniques so that one can thoroughly evaluate its alternative allocation opportunities. Preparing a good time schedule of Exam for a university is a most difficult task. The term “good time schedule” is questionable, because there is always someone, who is not satisfied with the given timetable. Nevertheless we can find out some objective criteria that indicate the “good time schedule”. The teacher simultaneously cannot assess different course at the same time. Numbers of students in different course are not equal .Same teacher teaching in different course. The aim of this study is to propose a goal programming model to solve the allocation of teachers satisfying all the constraint.
Goal programming ,Time table ,teachers allocation for paper correction
Neeta Jain, Sanjay Jain. Use of Goal Programming Approach for Allocation of Teachers for Paper Correction. Research J. Science and Tech. 2017; 9(3): 472-475.
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