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Rohan Shewale, Pallavi Chodhary, Sneha Powale, Shubhangi Chimankar, Ankita Umale

Nagpur Institute of Technology, Katol Road, Mahurzari, Nagpur MS India 

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With the evolving technological world where an individual is always connected with friends and close ones with social apps, gathering information from various wikis and updating profiles on online portfolios; likewise the individual sigh for it’s all information to be easily available somewhere online.


The training and placement web portal consists of various modules which provide the functionality and the ease of access for the training and placement department. This application provides automated system for on-line recording of academic details of students. The list of students with specific percentage criteria can be generated easily in the admin panel and this list of short listed students can be sent to companies using system generated email. Visitors / companies representatives logging in may also access/search any information put by the students. The primary goal of this software is to reduce the work load of any individual who is using this app.


Training and Placement web portal is a portal with various web apps aim deliver the need of an automated e-system for not only training and placement department but also the whole college, as student’s information is the vital part of the system, the correlations also acts as a Student management system as a sub-system. The system works on open web technologies like HTML, PHP and MySQL which provides the openness of modern web and functionality of access across devices. With training and placement web portal it becomes an easy to the students and the college to maintain the exchange of information related to aptitude and general ability training with the help of technical notes and offline mock test, while keeping student up to date with the latest placement requirements with notice board.


KEY WORDS: Online portal, Management system, College technology, Training and Placement cell.




The project is aimed at developing an online portal for the Training and Placement department of an institution. The training and placement web portal is an environment that can be accessed online by the college students, faculty, TPO, companies as well as those who are authorized for maintaining and upgradation.


The use of Internet and World Wide Web revolutionized the provision of information and the facility for the user to take action on the information obtained. The use of World Wide Web enables users to manage placement process. This led to a unique web based placement management system developed specifically by the placements practitioner and the software programmer to become Online Training and Placement Web Portal system.


The proposed system is a web based application which maintains a centralized repository of all the necessary information. The system allows students to access details of recruitments and access any preparatory material posted by various departments. Recruiters can access the student details. It is easy for one to access desired information through the well-defined interfaces. The portal can be used by the TPO of the college to manage the student, academic as well as placement information. Registered students can update their information and check for upcoming career opportunities. Company representatives can access information of their choice for their desired academic preference. Training and placement portal is the web based application for the training and placement department of the college or an institution, in order to provide the details of its student in the database. The training and placement cell will have all the information about the student through this system. The system is an online application that can be accessed throughout the organization and outside as well with the proper login provided criteria.


The system consist of apps to easy out the work flow of the training and placement department, which is the core of an organization to train the students for the modern industrial requirements and help out the students to meet the industries with need them. With training and placement web portal such requirements can be fulfill, the students can access the technical notes to increase their knowledge of aptitude and general ability while building a better foundation by taking the offline mock test app which can provide results as soon the option is chosen and also provide an overview of the complete test at the end, helping students to study their weakness which they would have overlooked if only the score would have been provided. The admin account, used by TPO; have the access rights to add and remove the questions or the test set, so that they can limit and update the questionnaire from time to time. The notice board module is a simple module of notice updation which presents the latest notice for the students related to training and placement. The TPO can get the list of desired students with required criteria depending on the percentage of SSC, HSC and the aggregate percentage of degree.



The proposed Training and Placement web portal system helps in making the task of Training and Placement officer or the faculties of training and placement department easy. It eliminates all the human intervention required in between .the process Human physical efforts are reduced and time saved. To access this system one just need to have an authorized login id and internet connection to a decent device. The training and placement web portal can be access from any system, anywhere, from inside the campus or outside the campus. As the web portal is an online portal consisting of collection of apps working together to create an environment to facilitate the various task of training and placement department.


It is a simple PHP based database driven website with integrations of various web apps and APIs to provide an intuitive user interface.


Fig 1 Shell representations of modules



3.1 Desktop Based Recommendation System for Campus Recruitment Using Mahout [1]

In this paper author R. V Patil, S. R Gadekar, P. P Chavan,V. G Aher proposed a Placement system using Mahout which helps in making the task of Training and Placement officer easy. It eliminates all the human intervention. To access this system all you need to have is an authorized login id and internet. You can access this system anywhere from your campus or outside campus with internet connection. There are two main authorized users of this system. One is student login and other is Administrator login. Students can access the system by authorized student login and TPO and TnP staff can access the system by Admin login. Students can upload their resumes, can check upcoming placement drives and can also get study material from here. The other access to the system is for Administrator. TPO and TnP staffs are two main users of this system. They can access and make updates to the data in the system. TPO can view the system. He can view all students resume. He can upload information regarding upcoming drives. He can also upload information regarding the companies which will be coming. This information can be helpful for the students. TPO gets the highest priority among both the users. He can access as well as update the data. TnP staff can recheck all the information filled by the students. They approve the correctness of the data. Our key element is Mahout’s Naďve Bayes Classification algorithm.


3.2 An Interactive Online Training and Placement System [2]:

In this paper author Mr. Nilesh Rathod, Dr. Seema Shah, Prof. Kavita Shirsat proposed that OTaP system is an online application that can be accessed throughout the organization and outside as well with proper login provided. This system can be used as an application for the Training and Placement Officer (TPO) of the college to manage the student information with regards to placement. Students logging should be able to upload their information in the form of a CV. Visitors/Company representatives logging in may also access/search any information put up by Students. Computer based information system are designed to improve existing system. Whatever the information, TPO has to pass to the student and he or she can inform online. Improve accuracy in result. It has user-friendly interface having quick authenticated access to documents. It provides the facility of maintaining the details of the students. It will reduce the paper work and utilize the maximum capabilities of the setup and organization as well as it will save time and money, which are spending in making reports and collecting data. It can be access throughout the organization and outside as well with proper login provided. This system can be used as an application for college to manage the student information concerning placement. Also helps company coming for campus recruitment to see student details. Before coming for campus, company can get information about eligible students along with interested students.



Once the student registers, other details such as academics, personal info, and other key information like technical skill can be updated. This updated information is then made in use by the system to generate a resume in Microsoft word’s “doc” format to enable editing it to extend more fields as per the student’s desire.


The administrator user, i.e. the TPO or the staff from training and placement department, can log in to the system with the same interface to the administrative panel to control and manage the data. The main screen consists of list of all the students in the database along with their academic details in the same table. With this table the user can filter out the list of the students meeting the required criteria by inserting the desired percentage. The search is powerful enough to filter out the student list with SSC, HSC and aggregate percentage with each field with different values.

The admin account can insert new question in test or add new test to the test set, like wise deletion of questions and test is also possible and recommended for time to time update to meet the changing requirement of the modern world. The question set is in MCQ or multiple choice formats, in which the student user has to choose an answer from the given options. Once the user clicks any answer, the answer is locked and the correct answer is highlighted instantly. The student will also be provided with an overview result of their answers at the end to study their weaknesses.


The training and placement portal provides a platform to share the technical notes from the teaching faculty and the training and placement department also. The admin account can add the technical notes like research papers, subject notes, question sets; the authorized student users based on their branch and semester can then access this notes.


Another feature of the web portal is the alumni records. A student becoming an alumni can update their information regarding their placement and package from time to time if required. This facilitates the training and placement department to establish a new communication link with the organization in which the alumni currently working. These alumni details can be update by the user themselves.


The report generation is a simple app developed with a simple PHP script with inclusion of Google chart API. The inclusion of Google script allows to easily build donut chart inserting the PHP variable in between for the values to calculate the graphical representation of the chart..



In the existing system, maximum work goes manually and it is error prone system, takes time for any changes in the system. The big problem lies in searching; sorting and updating of the student data and absence of notification method for giving information to student expect the notice board. The Training and Placement Web Portal System provides automation in all the processes. The system gets automated in the online registration all the user, activation and deactivation of the user, personalization to the user, resources to be provided online, communication between the users, online feedback, other setting option. The faculty can see the student information and will validate it, generate the student list based on the company criteria, company details can be provided to the user, searching and sorting can be done, and reports can be generated. Alumni data can be maintained. Overall, all the process of the training and placement department is automated. Quality assurance in teaching learning environment is a tedious process. No customized application is available for maintaining quality procedures in teaching environment. The proposed system will help college placement office to match the companies and students with higher precision and lower cost.



The system has been designed at the maximum possible excellence. Still we accept drawbacks, as it is a human effort. The system cannot provide the SMS and email integration. It can be modified by simple plugin of SMS integration provided by the SMS gateway provider. The system can be made more users friendly. The program is coded in more structured manner so we can include future enhancement. There is scope for improvement of the system. Apart from these there is scope for generating many more features. This software can be extended easily without affecting the functionality. In the future, we can place the system on the cloud so the maintenance of the data can be reduced and provide more agility to the system. The traditional exam system will integrated with the Training and Placement Web Portal system so the student can take real time test and obtain result directly. There can be many more future enhancement and improvement in the Training and Placement Web Portal system.



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