Author(s): Raghav M., Biswas P.


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Address: Raghav M. and Biswas P.
Department of Fisheries, I.G.K.V, Raipur, India
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Published In:   Volume - 1,      Issue - 3,     Year - 2009

Budha Talab is the largest pond (30.25 ha.) among total 22 ponds present in the Raipur city. It receives domestic waste and sewage and also used for cloth washing, animal bathing and therefore water quality is fast deteriorating. Total 24 phytoplankton and 10 zooplankton species were identified. Among phytoplankton Scenedesmus sp., Microcystis sp., Oscillatoria sp., Anabaena sp., Melosira sp., Nitzchia sp., Chlorella sp. and among zooplankton Daphnia sp., Moina sp., Diaphanosoma sp. were found throughout the year. Microcystis sp., Oscillatoria sp., Melosira sp., Anabaena sp. (phytoplankton) and Brachionus sp. and Keratella sp. (zooplankton) indicate organic pollution and eutrophic nature of Budha Talab.

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Raghav M. , Biswas P. Biological Analysis of Small Reservoir Budha Talab in Raipur. Research J. Science and Tech. 2009; 1(3): 93-96 .

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Author(s): Raghav M. , Biswas P.

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