Author(s): Shivani Gavali, Pranali Gavali, Ashwini Kasved, Seema Kengar


DOI: 10.52711/2349-2988.2024.00021   

Address: Shivani Gavali*, Pranali Gavali, Ashwini Kasved, Seema Kengar
JBVP, Vidyaniketan College of Pharmacy, Lakhewadi, Indapur, Maharashtra 413103.
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 16,      Issue - 2,     Year - 2024

The article outlines various valuable applications for eggshell waste, including its use as a catalyst in biodiesel production to minimize pollutants, as an absorbent for heavy metals in wastewater, as a biomaterial for bone tissue replacement, and as a fertilizer and calcium supplement in various domains. It highlights the increasing research interest in exploring these applications for eggshell waste. This highlights the potential of the eggshell membrane (ESM) as a biomaterial for wound dressing due to its abundant availability and favourable properties. The study developed an extraction protocol for ESM and evaluated its physical, chemical, mechanical, and biological properties for wound dressing applications. Results showed that ESM retained its structure and composition after extraction, with promising characteristics such as optical transparency, porosity, fluid absorption, thermal stability, and mechanical strength. Biological studies confirmed its excellent biocompatibility with corneal cells, suggesting its potential for ophthalmic wound treatment and other biomedical applications, contributing to sustainable biomaterial development. The article discusses the formation and mineralization of calcareous eggs, primarily focusing on studies of chicken eggshells. It highlights areas of uncertainty such as the role of amorphous calcium carbonate and the molecules involved in eggshell formation. Additionally, it mentions the recent advancements in avian genomics and proteomics, which will aid in comparative studies of egg shell constituents across different bird species.

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Shivani Gavali, Pranali Gavali, Ashwini Kasved, Seema Kengar. Concise Review on Integral Structure of Egg Shell Membrane. Research Journal of Science and Technology. 2024; 16(2):137-0. doi: 10.52711/2349-2988.2024.00021

Shivani Gavali, Pranali Gavali, Ashwini Kasved, Seema Kengar. Concise Review on Integral Structure of Egg Shell Membrane. Research Journal of Science and Technology. 2024; 16(2):137-0. doi: 10.52711/2349-2988.2024.00021   Available on:

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