Author(s): Babita Kumari, and Y. K. Gupta

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DOI: 10.5958/2349-2988.2015.00031.5   

Address: Babita Kumari1, Y. K. Gupta2*
1Research Scholar, Department of Chemistry, Shri Jagdish Prasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University, Vidyanagari, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan – 333001, India
2Head, Department of Chemistry, B K Birla Institute of Engineering and Technology, Pilani, Rajasthan- 333031 India
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 7,      Issue - 4,     Year - 2015

Groundwater is one of the most useful water sources for sustaining life and environment. But over the last few Decades the water quality has been deteriorated due to its over exploitation. Contamination of such water source is a big problem creating health hazards. Groundwater is the major source of drinking water in rural as well as in urban areas and over 94% of the drinking water demand is full fill by groundwater. The study has been carried out to assess the ground water quality and its appropriateness for drinking in most rural habitations of Jhunjhunu district, Rajasthan, India. In the present study groundwater samples were collected from different villages of Jhunjhunu District, Rajasthan and assessed on the basis of various parameters. The water quality parameters such as; pH, TDS, electrical conductivity, total alkalinity, total hardness, calcium hardness, magnesium hardness, carbonate, bicarbonate, sodium, potassium, fluoride, sulphate and nitrate have been analyzed. The study revealed that the water confirms to drinking water quality standards at some places whereas at some places it was totally unfit for human consumption.

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Babita Kumari, and Y. K. Gupta. Statistical Assesment of Ground Water Quality using Physico-Chemical Parameters in Jhunjhunu District of Rajasthan, India. Research J. Science and Tech. 7(4):Oct. – Dec. 2015; Page 217-222. doi: 10.5958/2349-2988.2015.00031.5

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